Comfy Wireless Silk Bra
Comfy Wireless Silk Bra
Comfy Wireless Silk Bra
Comfy Wireless Silk Bra
Comfy Wireless Silk Bra
Comfy Wireless Silk Bra

Comfy Wireless Silk Bra

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Wireless Comfort That You Deserve

Tired of ugly bras that don't give you the support that you deserve?
Working out or spending your day to day with an unpleasant bra can be stressful and hurtful.

With the new Wireless Comfort Bra, you can say goodbye to the stress and irritation of wearing a bra. This push-up and wireless bra will get you out of your t-shirt and into your fitness game, or simply chill on the sofa in total comfort.


When you're doing anything active, you want to feel your best.
Our new Wireless Comfort Bra is the perfect bra to exercise, it keeps everything in place so you can concentrate on your workout. It doesn't matter whether you're at the gym or doing yoga. You won't have to adjust your bra anymore! You will be able to perform at your highest level without fear!

The perfect silhouette.
Our Bra is made to raise your breasts and give you a lovely, shapely figure. Our extra-wide cushioned latex straps assist to align the bust line, providing more support, and eliminating the dreaded "side boob".

Your breasts will be supported to the fullest!
The Wireless Comfort Bra is a wire-free bra that gives all-day support and lifts. The broadband at the bottom of the bra keeps your bust elevated, giving your breasts a more shapely, lifted look. The seductive appeal and elegance are created by the delicate texture.

All-day relaxation
Traditional textiles take longer to dry than our high-quality fabric. With our comfort top bra, you'll be able to keep cool and dry all day. Stress-free!

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